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A proven approach with unparalleled results

Our unique coding program prepares students for mid-level software development roles through training that's just like what you can expect on the job.

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Our approach

It’s about more than just learning to code.

Coding is a dream job for many. In order to prepare you for a full-time job, our programming bootcamp introduces you to more than just the coding. We provide immersive projects and process-focused curriculum with clear learning objectives to help you track your progress. You’ll move rapidly from learning fundamentals to applying emotional intelligence frameworks and solving increasingly complex real-world use cases. This will help you sharpen your communication and critical thinking skills and start your coding career on the right foot.

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Program Overview

Designed to help you land ahead

Code is constantly evolving. Our program is designed to evolve with it. By teaching students the skills they’ll need to use the most in-demand tech stack today, and preparing them with strategies to adapt to new technologies on the job tomorrow, we help our students stand out from their coding bootcamp peers.

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Program Highlights

Maintainable Code

  • Produce clean, organized, and readable code and project artifacts.
  • Learn computer science, data structures and algorithms. Fundamentals that help you understand the "why" and avoid common mistakes.
  • Work with large code bases while adhering to existing code styles and patterns.
  • Implement and learn new technologies as needed.

Proven Process

  • Participate in team environments, coding with structured review process and work flows, using solo, pair, and mob programming.
  • Plan and experience the complete product life cycle from conception to delivery.
  • Master build system setup and deployment with continuous integration.
  • Practice testing and test-driven development, system validation, diagnosis, and structured problem-solving.

Professional Skills

  • Demonstrate effective time management and trade-off decision making.
  • Learn networking, personal pitch, and interview skills to confidently communicate the value you bring to potential employers.
  • Build a consistent history of GitHub contributions with a variety of portfolio and technology projects.

Rolling admissions means the earlier you apply, the more spots are available.

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The Program


Education Pillars

Tech Stack

Course Sections

  • 01

    Tech Stack

    Relevant, hirable tech skills you'll use as an immediate contributor.

  • 02


    Tech details and things all developers need to know.

  • 03

    Features: Process & Planning

    How to organize, plan & create software.

  • 04

    Job Attainment

    Skills to become employed and grow your tech career.

  • 05

    Collaboration & Professional Development

    Managing your growth and working with others.

  • Front End

    • HTML and JSX
    • CSS, Grid, Flexbox, Responsive Web
    • JavaScript and the Browser DOM
    • React with Context and Hooks
    • React Router v5.0 and v6.0
    • Jest & React Testing Library
    • TypeScript
    • GraphQL
    • Websockets
  • Back End

    • Supabase Client SDK
    • Supabase REST API
    • NodeJS & npm
    • ExpressJS
    • REST APIs & GraphQL
    • Websockets
  • Database

    • PostgreSQL
    • SQL DDL
    • CRUD and SQL Joins
    • SQL Aggregations and Analytics
  • 1 Week


    Meet everyone, set up your software development environment, and build familiarity with your development tools. Then dive into progressive sections that will turn you into a modern software developer!

  • 6 weeks

    01 WEB

    Learn the foundations of imperative programming and web browser-based apps using modern UI patterns with JavaScript, the DOM, HTML, and CSS, connected to a Supabase backend

  • 6 weeks

    02 REACT

    Modern React UI development using functional components, hooks and context, and React Router, connected to a Supabase backend

  • 6 weeks


    Backend servers and data modeling. Use NodeJS, ExpressJS, and PostgreSQL to build REST APIs and real time with WebSockets

  • 6 weeks


    Learn React with Webpack, advanced state management, React Testing Library, and React Router 6. Ramp up your backend skills with complex data modeling and API data shaping while producing a full stack capstone portfolio project. Plus real-world technical interviewing and DS&A for job attainment.

the schedule




9AM - 6PM

Our learning schedules are designed to suit the realities of a work-from-home world, with a combination of short lectures, demonstrations, and short assignments to get you hands-on in the material as quickly as possible and make it easy to stay engaged.

We take a one-hour break to recharge from 1-2pm.

Afternoons pick up right where the morning left off, solidifying topics covered so far and beginning work on your main deliverable for the topic. You'll also have time to check in with your instructor and teaching assistants for real-time support and guidance.



A/B Blocks

We create time to deeply focus on two tech stack and technologist areas each week using an A/B schedule:

  • Block A: Monday-Tuesday
  • Block B: Wednesday-Thursday

A spotlight topic in each block integrates critical skills from our remaining education pillars. You'll work on projects like creating a job search strategy or interview preparation, building confidence and professionalism.

Fridays are dedicated to speakers from the tech industry, troubleshooting your homework or working on stretch goals, and guided exploration into technologies, skills, and career options.

Course Sections

Course Sections

6-Week Segments

Learn progressively through four segments, which are each six weeks long.

In each segment, 4-5 weeks are focused on new coursework. The final 1-2 weeks are dedicated to a team assessment project.

You'll plan, design and build full applications from scratch, in an environment identical to professional development teams.

Career design

curriculum and support

Career preparation is woven into our program from day one. We work closely with each student to ensure you have the skills, professionalism, and connections you need to be successful.

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Individualized support and personal branding

Software development interview

Mock interviews with industry professionals

Person preparing to interview with hiring partners

Demo days with hiring partners

Hand moving the clock to manage time

Time management and organization strategies

Three people with overlapping speech bubbles representing networking

Ongoing support and networking even after you graduate