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Way to go January 2021 Cohort!

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Congratulations to Alchemy’s Newest Software Engineers

We are happy to announce Alchemy’s most recent graduating class! On June 25, 2021, 35 students graduated from Alchemy’s intensive 25 week program in advanced professional software development.

This eclectic group of individuals quickly formed a strong bond and were especially spirited in community. While donning Alchemy hoodies and freshly printed certificates, these newly minted devs gathered together for a heart felt virtual ceremony filled with tears of joy, ample laughter, and well earned pride of accomplishment. We are blessed to have spent the last 6 months together as they skillfully grew their craft.

39 people on a video call, graduating online from Alchemy code school

Coming to Alchemy from all over the US, this group represents parts of Oregon, Florida, Michigan, LA, Arizona, Nevada and beyond. Vast previous careers include: military Veterans, an elementary teacher, a dancer and choreographer, a costumer who worked on HBO Max and the Oprah Winfrey Network and professional band members.

And as if that's not impressive enough, there's more! They also include prior restaurant servers and bartenders, a cement mason, an accountant, small business owners, photographers, a tour manager who has traveled the world, graphic designers, a project manager, a person who plays bike polo (!), and one particularly agile person: a parkour instructor!

While there is no “typical” student who attends Alchemy, the admissions process helps potential students from all over the country decide if this is the place for them. Those who take the plunge leave the program as software developers ready for their first job in tech. Graduates land first positions as devs and have incredible trajectories within their first two years. (We've written about code bootcamp program outcomes here.)

Alchemy trains in a simulated real-work development environment which includes working in project teams. Students participate in four major project weeks within the program, but the Final Project Presentation is by far the most amazing. Built in just 10 days, these small groups create full stack applications from concept all the way into deployment. It is truly amazing what students accomplish in such a relatively short amount of time. Each cohort showcases their final project presentations the week prior to graduation which is open to the public.

Check out these rad apps from the January cohort:

  • Angle On is a full-stack application that allows filmmakers from underrepresented communities to request support through donations.
  • Greeting Card is an app that allows users to easily create randomized, unique digital art, and to send that art to others in eCard form.
  • beatWavez is a Jackbox-style karaoke party app that allows users to create and join party rooms, manage a queue, chat with each other, and (most importantly) sing along to lyrics videos.
  • Idle Isle is a browser game about building a village on an Island.
  • GIM-LLC is an escape room inspired website where players work together to find clues to free the ghost!
  • is a full-stack Trello-like job application tracker that allows job seekers to track, plan, and keep notes on their job search all in one place.
  • Socket Jockey collaboratively composes music with the collision of time, space, and

We are so excited to follow these graduates and their stories into their next adventure! They are indeed ready to fly.

For hiring talent, program inquiries or career openings, please email us.