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Tech Employer Minute: Darrin Mossor of DiscoverOrg

Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Force Multiplier of Non-Traditional Job Candidates

Dive into our new Tech Employer Series to hear from those who hire Alchemy graduates and actively work alongside them as team members!

DiscoverOrg is a sales and marketing intelligence platform providing access to the most accurate data, org charts, and real time projects. Based in Vancouver, WA, DiscoverOrg acquired ZoomInfo in 2020. That merger allowed these two leading data companies to come together and provide sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals access to unrivaled B2B intelligence. Five time winner of Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies award, with revenue growing 570% over the past 3 years, DiscoverOrg is a successful cloud technology company that's adding 100+ new jobs this year.

We spoke to Darrin Mossor‚Äč when he was Software Development Manager at DiscoverOrg:

Why are Alchemy graduates an attractive hire?

Alchemy hires come out with a solid set of skills built during their intense program. This is a great basis for a hire, especially when we are hiring folks new to the industry.

By the time someone graduates from Alchemy, they have demonstrated the ability to be an active learner, which is important to us.

How are Alchemy graduates and non-traditional school grads beneficial to your company's needs?

We had a fantastic first-time experience with our Alchemy grad because in addition to being able to demonstrate core competency on the technical front, the breadth of prior experience and life experience she brought to the table made for a very attractive hire.

Describe the software developer/tech talent pool here in Portland and how schools like Alchemy help fill employment gaps.

Portland is a very competitive market right now, both for those looking for jobs and those of us hiring for jobs. There is excellent talent in this area and no lack of opportunity to exercise that talent.

But, hiring is inherently risky, as well. A bad hire can destabilize an effective group and my job is to find the best talent and manage that risk.

Alchemy does a good job of exposing talent to the skills and environments that are reflected in many companies in this area. The program is long enough and intensive enough that if someone has demonstrated the ability to thrive in that environment, we can have reasonable confidence they have the skills to be successful with us and that makes my job easier.

Portland's tech industry aims to create a diverse and inclusive environment for women and underrepresented populations. Do you think Alchemy helps facilitate that goal?

Alchemy has exposed us to an entire pool of folks we might not otherwise have exposure to. There are pros and cons to hiring traditional candidates who have worked in similar industries.

Likewise, Alchemy allows us to tap in to folks with more diverse backgrounds and skills that provide us an ability to shake up our teams and for those folks to become force multipliers because they are not necessarily traditional candidates.

Having access to Alchemy candidates as well as traditional candidates allows me to have more and better choices to address the needs of my teams.