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Career Changers: Meet our November 2021 graduating class

Friday, June 10, 2022

From roles in IT, menu development, and even one retired lawyer, these grads began their full stack software development training in November 2021.

Zoom call with twenty Alchemy software development program graduates all smiling and most holding up graduation certificates

November 2021 cohort graduation

November cohort, you graduated!

Each time a student graduates from Alchemy, it's hard to say who is more proud: the student or their instructors.

These students dedicate more than 1,000 hours to learning how to be a professional software developer. It's an intense, close-knit learning period that feels something like starting a new full-time job and going back to college (at the same time).

Each person brought a wealth of experience from their previous career. Leaving roles as lawyers, IT experts, hotel staff, food service employees, graphic designers, musicians, and other careers, what they had in common was a desire to find a career with both financial stability and meaningful, challenging work. Which is why we couldn't be prouder to say: You did it!

You are now one of the few people in the workforce who can call themselves full-stack software engineers. You've trained just like you will show up in the workplace: as an independent contributor, and in pairs and small groups. By the end of this 25 weeks you've proven yourself capable of working in remote, collaborative teams and planning and coding full-stack software applications.

We can't wait to see what you do in your new careers.

Building Full Stack Applications

Before graduation, students split into teams and each built a full stack application in a short sprint. It's an opportunity to combine all of the coding skills they've learned over the past six months and practice their remote planning and collaboration skills.

Scroll down to learn more about each of these software developers and see the apps they built together (or view the list on GitHub). 


An app that simulates synesthesia and an accessibility app for people to experience color through musical tones. Users can interact with a color wheel, or upload their own images and use an eyedropper to get information on colors and play the related musical notes. They can also save, update and delete individual swatches or combined palettes of color and sound.

Repo, Deployed

Team Members: Sam Benatovich (GitHub), Alex Blair (GitHub), Arma Burton (GitHub), Clayton Knapp (GitHub), Philippe Ngom (GitHub)

A website with a dark background and a rainbow colorwheel. Along the left are 5 people on Zoom presenting their project.

Chromatic app demo

Cooks Books

This software engineering team came up with CooksBooks, a mobile-first online resource for reconnecting to all the delicious recipes you've cooked from the cook books that you own. You may even find new books to explore!

Repo, Deployed

Team Members: Denzel Bartolaba (GitHub), Vic Caruso (GitHub), Olivia Miller (GitHub), Trevor Rezac (GitHub)

Mobile website says CooksBooks at the top and shows six different cook book covers. Along the right are four people on Zoom presenting the web application they built.

CooksBooks app demo


Inspired by none other than YouTube, this software engineering team challenged themselves to dream up a clone application. Users can upload videos, add titles and descriptions, and create and edit their profiles on the site. But the niftiest upgrade they gave their video streaming clone? The playful design!

Repo, Deployed

Team Members: Kyra Christensen (GitHub), Carolynn Flemming (GitHub), Jack Keicher (GitHub)

Website has a black and white polka dot background with neon orange and pink squares in a grid on top. Along the left are six people on Zoom.

MeTube app demo

Side Gig Calc

Three-person team Clifford, Pete, and Joshua combined their design, backend, and Typescript superpowers to develop Side Gig Calc. This full-stack application is designed for people who have the ability to leverage spare time to reach monetary goals. By taking an individual's schedule and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics API into account, a user is able to receive a comprehensive amount of gigs to keep them busy.

Repo, Deployed

Team Members: Clifford Maxson (GitHub), Pete Seeling (GitHub), Joshua Williams (GitHub)

Dark computer screen with two columns of computer code. Along the left are three people on Zoom talking about the software development project.

Side Gig Calc app demo

Tea Lab

Tea Lab is a whimsical full-stack browser-based application built using ReactJS, Cloudinary, CSS, PostgreSQL and Express. Users are able to create and collect teas, and it makes learning about tea fun! Users are guided through a tutorial, and can save, edit and delete their tea recipes on a recipe profile page.

Repo, Deployed

Team Members: Ryan Flitcroft (GitHub), Ari Harlem-Caballero (GitHub), Alice Hsing (GitHub), Clare McDonald (GitHub), Sam Melius Oxford (GitHub)

Shared screen on Zoom shows a whiteboard with post-it notes used to plan the software development final project. Along the left are five people on Zoom with matching backgrounds.

Tea Lab app demo

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