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Full Stack Applications Built by Our June Grads

Friday, January 28, 2022

Meet the software developers who started training in 2021 and worked in teams to build full stack applications.

Congratulations, grads

Meet the software developers who began their training in June 2021 and graduated this month! This tight-knit group kept each other motivated, finding opportunities to keep coding and learning together even over long holiday breaks.

In the words of Career Development Advocate Shakunda, who's worked with them since their first days at Alchemy, "These folks have taken the true path through this experience. They all have shown up being true to themselves and I am confident they will all do good things."

Congratulations, June cohort!

16 people on a zoom call smiling and holding up graduation certificates from Alchemy

June 2021 cohort graduates, not in order pictured: Aemilius Morgan, Alan Willoughby, Alice Retz, Greg Gilliam, Joseph K Brown, Justin Soto, Madden Lockin, Paul Brubaker, Pete Hamrick, Peter Montano, Simon Kaine, Tanner Meck, Triana Cerda

A Sprint to Build Final Projects

During their months at Alchemy, students build several team assessment projects in short sprints, practicing different styles of working in remote teams and building out ideas they come up with. Below are their final team projects. From writing group agreements to guide how their team would communicate, to developing wireframes and sketches, and finally to building the MVPs, we're proud of how each team worked together to combine everything they've learned.

Scroll down to learn more about each of these software developers and see the apps they built together (or view the list on GitHub).

Life Stats

Life Stats is a curated informational and reflective experience that is unique for every user. After you input your birthday, you scroll through generated statistics and facts relative to the day and year you were born.

Repo, Deployed

Team Members: Aemilius Morgan (GitHub, Resume), Simon Kaine (GitHub), Peter Montano (GitHub)

Black screen with computer code. Hovering on top are three small Zoom screens of Alchemy students presenting their code.

Simon Kaine, Peter Montaño, Aemilius Morgan


Outlier is a data visualization app designed for you to gain knowledge in order to enhance your safety, your ability to advocate for funding and your access to services.

Repo, Deployed

Team Members: Joseph Brown (GitHub, Website), Madden Lockin (GitHub), Greg Gilliam (GitHub)

Zoom screen presenting a light blue website with the word Outlier. On the right are three Alchemy students presenting their application.

Madden Lockin, Greg Gilliam, Joseph Brown


Note(d) is a note taking app for devs by devs. A single app to store all of your important notes, ideas, and helpful hints when working, complete with a custom tagging system, light and dark mode, and helpful search function.

Repo, Deployed

Team Members: Alice Retz (GitHub), Triana Cerda (GitHub, Website), Pete Hamrick (GitHub), Paul Brubaker (GitHub)

Zoom call with four small video screens and a screen presenting computer code and a neon green and pink website

Triana Cerda, Paul Brubaker, Alice Retz, Pete Hamrick

Alcode Campgrounds

A mobile-friendly app to help you find your new favorite campsite from anywhere in the U.S., and store favorites in a custom user profile for future reference.

Repo, Deployed

Team Members: Alan Willoughby (GitHub), Justin Soto (GitHub, Resume), Cristian Montes (GitHub, Resume), Tanner Meck (GitHub)

Zoom call showing a website that says Alcode with a nature photo of mountains. On the right are four Alchemy students presenting their project.

Cristian Montes, Justin Soto, Tanner Meck, Alan Willoughby