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Congratulations! Meet the New Alchemy Code Lab March 2021 Class of Software Engineers!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

New Tech Professionals from a Range of Career Backgrounds Enter the Field

This month, Alchemy graduated another cohort of dynamic professional software engineers! This new group of developers worked diligently over the last six months learning a new industry and acquiring highly-specialized and sought-after skill sets that will engineer the future. We couldn’t be more proud of their tenacity to be great developers.

We are specifically proud to graduate another cohort of collaborative team members that understand the most modern web technologies and best practices. Our Spring 2021 graduates join the workforce hungry to design and deploy code, engineer results and collaborate on leading tech teams across a myriad of professional sectors, all around the world.

We are proud of the dedication students have had by working throughout the pandemic, and this cohort was no exception. Just this month, these 29 incredible humans worked in small teams over the course of 10 days building new, never-before-seen full stack apps from concept to delivery.

As one of the Alchemy cohorts over the past 12 months to never attend in-person training, these students were even more excited to meet each other online. They grew a strong bond, immediately supporting each other on their journey to becoming professional software engineers. They’ve also been beautifully inclusive with each other and with every new student training at Alchemy after them.

Students come into Alchemy with diverse prior career experiences. This cohort is made up of a wide variety of backgrounds including: military Veterans, full-time parents, a community organizer, a massage therapist, and a pediatric behavioral specialist. Others in this cohort have worked on oil rigs, produced live shows, driven taxis, were talented cosmetologists, managed large scale events, and more.

Some of our students choose to train at Alchemy to strengthen and advance their existing technological skills. For example, one of our graduating students joined us as a Software Engineering Manager. And now, after completing the program, he has added coding into his career toolkit for an even more dynamic future.

It’s this perfect combination of rigorous code programming and previous career backgrounds that fuels innovative tech solutions and propels Alchemy students to excel in their future roles.

And we saved the best news for last! One of Friday’s graduates was offered a programming job on the day of their final presentation! Graduating with a job offer already in place is an exciting way to celebrate success after 25 weeks of hard work and dedication.

We can’t wait to see what all these brilliant humans do with their new tech superpowers. We look forward to watching our beloved students make positive impacts in their own lives and in their future teams as well!