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Celebrating our September Graduates!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

See the software applications they built during their 25 weeks of full-time training.

For the final two weeks of their 25-week software development intensive, Alchemy students split into teams for a 10-day sprint building an application from start to finish.

With 1,000 hours of professional software development training, these graduates have learned how to harness FullStack JavaScript capabilities using React, Redux, Node, Express, and PostgreSQL, all while working on fully remote teams.

Depending on what kind of application each team chose to build, they also flexed their new skills and figured out how to:

  • use Web Sockets to create real time “multiplayer” applications, 
  • combine visual art and audio using native browser APIs to create immersive experiences, 
  • use APIs that access & update data in Postgres databases, and 
  • deploy apps to services like Heroku and Netlify.

Read more about each of their final projects (with links!) and meet these rad grad developers who started their training just this March and graduated in September 2021. Congratulations, everyone!

Zilch 2.0

Zilch 2.0 is an interactive multiplayer browser game of chance and skill, based on Zilch, the dice game. With its responsive design, users can play on their phones or desktop. Utilizing, multiple rooms will allow for different games to be played simultaneously while players can see their opponent's moves in real-time. Users will also be able to view their game history and overall stats through player profiles and the global leaderboard.

Frontend Repo, Backend Repo

Team Members: Chase Abbott (Github, Website), Gabriel Simek (Github), Joe Davis (Github), Katherine Tam (Github), Tis Lais (Github)


Local-Impact is a web app designed to show you some of the climate change factors in your area using ArcGIS maps from ESRI, PaaS (Platform as a service). End users can interact with the embedded mapping API, providing a digitally visual experience, with actionable steps for a more sustainable future.

Frontend Repo, Backend Repo

Team Members: Nick Day (Github), Tucker Hoog (Github), Austi Duong (Github)

Tech Wiz Quiz

The Tech Wiz Quiz team wanted to create something useful to the Alchemy community. Their application is designed to help people through the difficult practice of learning to code. They included a user submitted questions page so people could directly interact with the API and add questions to it, increasing the usefulness of the application theoretically indefinitely. This key feature will allow the application to grow along with the community of users interacting with it. 

Tech Wiz Quiz Repo

Team Members: Zach Gaines (Github), Christiane Merritt (Github), Angel Ortiz (Github), Taylor Tokareff (Github)


Chordial is a visually stunning web application that helps musicians and non-musicians alike find compelling harmonic ideas. Users can choose a chord and its compatible harmonic destinations will appear along with a sound sample. Utilizing framer-motion for slick animations and music logic designed by our team’s music theorists, anyone can create music with Chordial!

Chordial Repo

Team Members: Casey Cameron (Github), David Delgadillo (Github), Kalan Prudhomme (Github).

Index Brainstorming App

Index allows you to search past projects for inspiration, pitch project ideas, join teams, and brainstorm on implementation, all in one app. Index's powerful team generation algorithm allows a fair and balanced team sorting process based upon the preference rankings of team members.

Index Repo

Team Members: Annaleigh Hickman (Github), Austin Summerlin (Github), Clem Hepburn (Github), Culi Tif (Github, Website).

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