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Setting the bar for our industry

We're passionate about creating a supportive and inclusive software development environment.

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Coding Community
You're part of something bigger

Not only should you feel excited to be part of the coding community, but you should feel welcome starting on day one.

Our software development training program is 25 weeks long. Being part of Alchemy’s long-term, supportive learning environment provides ample opportunity for meeting new people and establishing relationships you’ll value throughout your career.

Community building and collaboration emerge in a variety of ways at Alchemy. Students will code and learn together in the virtual classroom for a group experience, exploring new ideas and problem solving together. They also have daily time for one-on-one interactions with our instructors and senior software developers.

Get Involved

If you want to get more involved with the Alchemy community, get in touch! You can be the first to know about upcoming events, workshops, and news that will help you to find more opportunities for growth in the industry during your training.


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Empowering equity and opportunity

We're honored to partner with local organizations working to improve the tech industry and the community at large. Does that sound like you? Get involved.

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