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Alchemy has closed

After six years of advanced training for career switchers looking for strong starts as software developers, we have ended operations.

Alchemy has helped hundreds of individuals transition into the software industry at an advanced level. After managing the many ups and downs of the pandemic, changing conditions including economic uncertainty and negative tech news have changed the market for software training and Alchemy was not able to pivot in time to adjust to these new demands.

We are proud of our staff for providing the highest level of technology training and deep caring for our students, and proud of our alumni who put in the hard work to launch amazing technology careers.

We are also grateful to the Alchemy community for the kind words and support we have received during this difficult time.

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Student Refunds

The Oregon HECC Tuition Protection Fund is accepting claims for student refunds

Student enrolled at Alchemy at the time of closure may now file a claim for a refund.

HECC claim submission instructions

The completed instruction hours for each cohort is:

  • July 2022: 856 hours
  • September 2022: 616 hours
  • October 2022: 384 hours
  • January 2023: 152 hours
  • February 2023: 0 hours

The deadline to file a claim is July 1, 2023

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Transfer Options

Each of these schools has reviewed Alchemy’s curriculum and has agreed to provide credit for the training already received which will save you both time and money.

The HECC asked Alchemy to work specifically with schools that are licensed Private Career Schools in Oregon. The three other code schools in Oregon are:

  • PDX Code GuildOnline school with a Fullstack Developer Bootcamp and an Advanced JavaScript Bootcamp which can be taken independently or sequentially depending on what you need to complete your training. They have both fulltime and part-time options and their fullstack course also features Python. PDX Code Guild is offering individualized consultation and coursework for Alchemy students, and has agreed to price course offerings so that affected students can complete their training for less than they would have at Alchemy. Contact Sheri Dover via email at, or you can text or call her at (541) 602-6215, Let Sheri know you are an Alchemy student.
  • EpicodusOffers both online and in-person Portland options with both fulltime and part-time options. The program consists of an Intro to Programing course, a JavaScript/React and C#/.NET course, and an internship. Epicodus has agreed to place students into an appropriate spot in their courses based on review of Alchemy’s curriculum and prorate the cost accordingly. Contact Nina Poloni, Director of Student Services at, or Rachel Bussert, Director of Operations at and let them know you are an Alchemy student.
  • The Tech AcademyA self-paced, instructor-assisted online program that also has an in-person work location staffed with instructors. They offer a very broad range of technology bootcamps and courses including Web Development, JavaScript, C#/.net, Java, mobile, and more. Tech Academy has agreed to let students opt out of courses that cover materials they have already learned and to give them credit and prorated discounts on tuition. Contact them at (503) 206-6915 and either ask for Briar Willette, VP Admissions or ask to speak with someone in Admissions. You can also email any questions or set up a phone call at Let them know you are an Alchemy student.

You have no obligation to use one of these options to receive your refund.

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