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  • Our comprehensive program provides an advanced level of practice as well as content and includes the Career Development skills you’ll need—from networking and interviewing, to building resumes, social presence, and personal brand. Our graduates have a distinct advantage because they’ve been through the Alchemy Code Lab program, and it sets them apart from the many novice developers in the field.




    Kate Sowles

    Full-Stack Developer + Designer at WorkingGroupLink

    "For me, the best thing about Code Fellows PDX (Alchemy Code Lab) was that it was a safe environment where I was able to undertake one of my most difficult challenges to date. It was a safe place to admit when I wasn't grasping the material and a safe place to be a minority within the tech community without being excluded or dismissed."

    Mark Greenwood

    Software Engineer at Cascade Energy



    "When I was making a career shift into web development, Code Fellows PDX (Alchemy Code Lab) provided several important advantages over going it on my own: a well-vetted track of study to keep me focused, an opportunity to work collaboratively with other students, and a commitment to creating a diverse community of high-quality developers that would become part of my personal network.


    As a result, I not only found a job where I’m excited about going to work every day, but I also have a bunch of new friends in Portland’s software development community. What struck me the most about the people in my cohort was how motivated they were to learn - despite coming from wildly different backgrounds, I think that’s the common thread that makes them great developers!"
















    Danielle Heberling

    Software Developer at Cascade Energy

    "Though I went to college before, this was the first time that I'd ever been in a classroom environment where everyone was engaged and excited to be there. The students and staff here are hungry in the good way. They're hungry to learn new things, to help each other out, and to use their skills to contribute to bettering society."

    Aaron Bini

    Software Developer at Zapproved

    “After researching the options in Portland, it was clear to me that Code Fellows PDX (Alchemy Code Lab) offers the most in-depth, comprehensive education that equips graduates with full-stack skills utilizing modern toolsets.”

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