• Financing your Education

    A few options for financing your Alchemy Code Lab tuition are :

    Our low-interest partner lender:

    Skills Fund, a loan provider that only works with the highest-rated code schools across the country, provides full tuition loans, plus a housing stipend for full-time students. With new, flexible loan options for full and part-time students in Code 201 through Code 401, Skills Fund makes it easier to focus on your education and job search.

    Diversity In Tech Scholarship:

    Alchemy Code Lab supports diversity in tech and believes that a varied collection of perspectives creates more opportunities for everyone. With our in-house Diversity In Tech Scholarship, we hope to remove barriers and provide opportunities for women, veterans, LGBTQ+, and students from racial and ethnic backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in tech.

    Local Grant Programs:

    These Oregon grant programs provide funding for re-training in the tech industry.

    WorkSource offers tuition grants for qualified unemployed students

    TechRise tech training tuition grants for students aged 18-29

    RebootNW grants for tech students who are unemployed, underemployed or an unemployed veteran

    Urban Tech League of Portland grants for long term unemployed and underemployed tech students


    If you are paying for a course out of pocket, would like to talk to an Admissions Advisor about other payment options, or have any questions about scholarships, financing, or student loans, please get in touch.