• We don't just teach you how to code; we teach you how code works—and how to work with code in demanding, real-world contexts.







  • 1. Intro courses

  • For those new to coding, this is the place to start! Come learn in a supportive environment from industry professionals and orient yourself to the basics of coding. Experience team collaboration and learn the basic tools and practices used by developers in the industry.

    Code 102 - Bootcamp Prep

    Intro to Software Development in JavaScript

    Get ready for our bootcamp program (Code 201 and Code 301) by working with experienced developers who will guide you through the required bootcamp pre-work.


    You'll also learn more about git and sharing code, become acquainted with your computer as a developer tool, and get exposed to new vocabulary, tips, and shortcuts.


    Cost $299

    5 evenings in 1 week: 6pm-9pm

    Start Dates: 10/9, 1/15/ 2018

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  • 2. Coding bootcamp

  • The bootcamp program teaches proficiency in basic web development. You'll gain general software programming skills and practices designed to prepare you for our Advanced Programs in Software Engineering (Code 401).


    Instructor led, the approach is hands-on, immersive and intensive – and the instructional team is there to mentor and guide you along the way. Those who have been self-studying or doing hobby programming are encouraged to ask about “testing-in” directly to Part 2 of the bootcamp.

    Code 201 - Coding Bootcamp Part 1

    Fundamentals of Software Development

    Beginner-level students will build a strong software development foundation by learning how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create fully-functional websites.


    By studying computer science concepts, learning best practices, and using common development tools including VSCode, Git, and the command line, you will learn the methods and tools of professional software developers.


    Tuition: $3500


    Daytime Track

    4 Weeks, M-F 9am-6pm

    Start Dates: 10/23, 1/29/2018


    Nights & Weekends Track

    8 Weeks, M-Th 6:30pm-9:30pm, Sun 9am-6pm

    Start Dates: 1/29/2018



    Code 301 - Coding Bootcamp Part 2

    Intermediate Software Development​

    What’s the technology behind launching a web app and working with a software development team? Go beyond HTML, CSS, and JavaScript syntax to learn how to launch a web app, collaborate on projects, and work with third-party libraries.


    Includes MVC, object-oriented programming, functional programming, asynchronous programming, SQL, jQuery, algorithms, data structures, MVC, APIs, and other technologies that professional developers work with to build and launch web apps in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


    Tuition: $4500


    Daytime Track

    4 Weeks, M-F 9am-6pm

    Start Dates: 8/28, 11/20, 2/26/2018


    Nights & Weekends Track

    8 Weeks. M-Th 6:30pm-9:30pm, Sun 9am-6pm

    Start Dates: 10/9, 4/9/2018



  • 3. advanced Programs in Software Engineering

  • Our advanced program tracks are 10-week intensive courses that train developers in a distinct tech stack (a specific programming language plus tools and best practices) to help them land high-paying jobs in the tech industry. This is where you jump ahead of the junior developers graduating from typical bootcamp programs, in both skill level and experience.


    Each track teaches students how to work with the full complexity of larger code bases and build systems in a team environment. The program also includes two project weeks, where you'll complete projects to build your portfolio.


    All of our Code 401 courses also include Career Development training that focuses on personal branding, tailoring your resume, practicing in-person interviews, networking, tech community participation and more. Graduates are ready to hit the ground running as career-ready software engineers in tech companies or startups of their own.


    Applicants to Code 401 must have a solid foundation in web development, having completed our bootcamp (Code 201 and Code 301), or having equivalent education and/or experience.

    Code 401 Full Stack JavaScript

    This course offers an in-depth study and practice of the technologies, tools, and processes needed to be a software developer in Full Stack JavaScript. Focus on professional coding practices and advanced JavaScript – including asynchronous programming, functional and object-oriented design, and modularity – to create sustainable and maintainable full stack apps that power the internet by serving complex web applications using NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB and React.


    Tuition: $12,000


    Daytime Track

    10 Weeks, M-F 9am-6pm

    Start Dates: 10/2, 1/8/2018



    New Code 401 Tracks Coming Soon!

    iOS Mobile

    Apple’s platform still defines the essence of “app”. Learn both ObjectiveC and Swift and move into this popular niche market.



    The darling of data science, python has long been a favorite in scientific and academic communities. It has become the go-to language for data analysis and machine learning (Artificial Intelligence).


    Devsigner/UX Engineer

    What do you get when you cross a creative designer with the technical chops of a frontend developer? A devsigner unicorn capability of designing and building amazing user experiences. A great fit for Portland’s long history of creative design.



  • 4. Professional Development

  • For those already in the industry, our professional development workshops offer in-depth instruction over a short period of time.


    Code Fellows PDX is a hub for Portland’s industry experts to share their knowledge with industry professionals. Our city has a lot of meetups where you can go learn something new for “free,” but Code Fellows PDX offers in-depth weekend and weeknight events where you’ll acquire specific advanced skills you’ll be able to use right away.

    Advanced Javascript Workshop

    Need to quickly get up to speed on the latest JavaScript language features? Sign up for this one-night workshop with Principal Instructor Marty Nelson.

    We’ll cover:

    • Promises, async/await and asynchronous JavaScript
    • Arrow Functions
    • ES6 Classes
    • Destructuring and Rest Arguments
    • Object Literal Shorthand, including the Spread Operator
    • ES6 Modules
    • Simple basics of Functional Programming
    • Transpiling to ES5

    This course will prepare you for our Certified React and Redux Professional Web Development Course.



    Workshop Schedule:


    Thursday August 17th 6:30pm-9:30pm​
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    Certified React & Redux Professional Web Development Course

    Scheduled for working professionals, it is offered nights and weekends over a two week period.

    Go further, faster, with our certified professional web development course in React and Redux. Over a two week period, dig into the open source JavaScript UI library used at Facebook, Netflix, and Airbnb and get hands-on training in leading-edge technologies that boost engagement and interactivity.


    In this fast-paced workshop with React expert Jason Brown, you’ll acquire highly sought after skills on evenings and weekends -- and put them to use on Monday morning.


    You’ll learn:

    • Setup of a working build system for React apps
    • Fundamentals of reactive programming applied to React components and JSX
    • Application of sound functional programming practices to React
    • Use of forms and soliciting user input
    • State management with React’s built-in state and the popular Redux library, including asynchronous Redux
    • A variety of components, component patterns, and their uses
    • Testing for React apps and Redux using Jest, Enzyme, and snapshot testing
    • Integration and use of React Router for real-world routing scenarios
    • Popular CSS in JS solutions that work with React
    • Integration of user management and authentication into your React app
    • Cool third-party component libraries you can integrate and use out-of-the-box

    This workshop requires a background in front-end web development and a strong grasp of JavaScript and its newer language features. Need to level up before digging into this advanced course? Check out our one-night Javascript workshop on August 17.


    Jason Brown is the founder of the Portland React User’s Group and currently produces online instructional content for his own company Code Daily (codedaily.io) and Egghead (egghead.io). Previously, Jason was a React developer for Mirador Financial and Jama Software. 


    Workshop Schedule:


    Saturday August 19th 9a-6p

    M-Th August 21-24 6:30p - 9:00p

    Saturday August 26th 9a-6p

    M-Th August 28-31 6:30p - 9:00p

    Saturday Sept 9th 9a-6p

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